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SPSearch v0.1 (Alpha)

SPSearch is a collection of components, experimentations, and extensions; aimed at enhancing and customising the SharePoint Search experience.
SPSearch is supported by the SPDEV group, at Provoke Solutions (NZ)

This initial alpha release includes two components:

Search Utilities

This installs additional application pages to each SSP. It allows an administrator to quickly view information about existing managed properties, such as:
- whether they a FullTextQueriable
- whether they are retrievable
- how many crawled properties are associated
- weighting ratio

For each managed property, an administrator can search for content using the SSP associated with a specific site context; and, when a result is returned, can view every single property known about this result (such as SPFile properties / SPListItem fields etc)

Lucene SharePoint Indexing

The Lucene SharePoint Indexing component utilises this highly flexible opensource search indexing engine, to provide rich search results across SharePoint content.

The current release includes a simple indexing process, and an application page to view results.

Future enhancements will cover:
- Security trimming
- Related results (ie, "search for pages which have lookups to any listitem where the listitem is flagged as "Important")
- Indexing enhancements ("search for any item in the windows event log, with the phrase 'an unexpected error has occured'")

This project is an experimental release, and we welcome thoughts, comments, and ideas for future enhancements.

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